Use your English skills(池袋 多言語業務)<東京都豊島区>

Use your English skills(池袋 多言語業務)<東京都豊島区>


所在地 東京都豊島区
給与 時給:1300円~
職種 総合事務
雇用形態 契約社員


キャンペーン ※ベルシステム24の求人のため、キャンペーンの適用はございません
こだわりポイント ◆嬉しい駅チカ、通いやすい職場です
こんな方にオススメ! ◆駅から近い職場をお探しの方





所在地 東京都豊島区
勤務地詳細 勤務地詳細:東京都豊島区
最寄り駅:5 minutes walk from Ikebukuro station (each line)
最寄り駅 #VALUE!
給与形態 時給
給与 時給:1300円~
From 22:00 to 5:00 now, the hourly wage will increase by 25%.

Actual expenses or commuter pass cost, whichever is lower, are to be paid. Up to 26,000 yen for a commuter pass.
業種 事務・その他サービス系
職種 総合事務
雇用形態 契約社員
仕事内容 Work in the popular Ikebukuro area

This is a call center handling multiple incoming and outgoing calls with various foreign languages (English/Chinese (simplified/traditional)/Korean/Vietnamese). We are hiring ones with an English skill this time!
Beside English, Japanese languge skill is required for a 3-way-call.

some of the tasks includes:
・Handing inquries about rented mobile batteries.
・Receiving and handing the primary call trouble call from systemvenders or manufacturing makers.(Mainly, listen the basic info. and convey it to the designated entitieis.
・Receive and handle inquries about travel insurance from foreign visitors.
・Three-way call interpretation for cable TV customers.
・Three-way call interpretation for various administrative inquiries
・Translation of product inquiries.
・Overseeing the SNS activities.
・Performing other various works linked with main stream jobs.

The ratio of Japanese language jobs to non-Japanese jobs is 6:4.

Manuals, talk scripts, and FAQs are prepared for each business, so you can respond to customers accordingly. The number of calls may vary depending on the operations and the time of day, but there are about 2-3 calls per hour at most. At the same time, you will also be asked to perform email check / data creation in free time.

勤務形態 夜勤
勤務時間 2-3days per week
The center operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The basic shift hours are as follows;
Night shift: 21:00-33:00 (including 3-hour nap)

Conducted as needed
We will try to adjust to your schedule.
On the first day, basic training will be conducted during the daytime or evening hours for about 4 hours.
After that, training will proceed according to your shift hours.

You will receive training on the basic knowledge of each job and how to handle it. It will take a few hours to a few days depending on the nature of each job. And then you will be asked to respond to incoming calls according to predetermined formats and scripts. There are also other jobs than telephone work. No quotas are imposed.
応募資格 ・Have to be able to "read", "write", and "speak" in Japanese and English. ※In addition to the standard interview, we also product our own writing and speaking tests.
・Foreigners have to be able to work for more than 3 months on a visa.
福利厚生 Benefits and personnel programs available.
職場の雰囲気 ※「職場詳細」ボタンからご確認ください※
事業所名 ベルシステム24 Bellbiz(ベルビズ)東京





応募方法 【①応募フォームから応募】
応募後の流れ ※応募後はベルシステム24の案内に従ってください(基本的な流れは以下の通り)
会社名 株式会社ベルシステム24
[平日]9:00-21:00 [土日/祝日]9:00-18:00

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